Metal Coat
Coatings - metal

Metal Coat covalently bonds with the substrate and with itself to create a barrier with superior resistance to rust, moisture, corrosion, salt-spray, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation, galvanic corrosion, animal and bird-waste damage, wind drag, and dirt and ice build-up.

Coval technology will extend the life of your valuable assets – oil refineries, pipelines, tanks, bridges, trucks, overpasses, transmission towers and the superstructure of ships. Will protect iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, bronze, powder-coated, painted or primed metals.

unspecified nanoparticles

"Stir the contents to re-suspend the nano particles that have settled to the bottom before dipping if you are using Satin or Matte." -Retrieved 10/13/2021 from (see 'Coval Metal Coat Data Sheet' link)

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available online (see 'Coval Metal Coat SDS' link)