CPWR Posts Webinar Recording - Update on Nanomaterials in Construction: Epidemiology, Exposures, and Awareness

Posted On: 12/14/18

Presented December 13th, 2018 by: Bruce Lippy, Director of Safety Research at CPWR, Gavin West, Research Analyst at CPWR, and Laura Boatman, Project Coordinator, SBCTC
Engineered nanomaterials are an emerging hazard in multiple industries, including construction. This 30 minute webinar will cover the latest efforts to address nanomaterial risks in a world being rapidly transformed by technology. After relying heavily on animal studies, recent epidemiologic research is providing new insight into potential health effects among workers. The speakers will also present CPWR's latest research on nanomaterial exposure assessment and control, and a CPWR-funded study that investigated awareness of nanotechnology among the California building trades.