BoralPure™ Smog-Eating Tile
Category: Roofing


photocatalytic concrete roofing tile

Typical Use:

can be installed on both new residential and commercial buildings, as well as re-roofing projects

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: Photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2)
Reason for Inclusion:

de-pollutant and self-cleaning properties based on photocatalytic titanium dioxide.

"The roof tile coating contains a photocatalyst, activated by daylight, which helps convert harmful Nitrogen Oxides into Calcium Nitrates." 
"Over one year, a 2,000 square foot BoralPure Smog Eating Tile roof can oxidize the same amount of Nitrogen Oxide as a car produces from being driven up to 10,800 miles."
"In addition to its de-polluting capabilities, BoralPure helps keep your roof clean. The tile coating may help hinder the formation of organic substances such as mold and algae."
Company: Boral
Trade: Roofers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

not available