Nansulate Heat Shield™ EPX4
Category: Insulation - Heat/Frost


Water based two-part thermal insulating epoxy

Typical Use:
  • Insulate surfaces up to 400F/204C
  • Steam Pipes
  • Tanks
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Boilers
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Pipelines
  • Dyeing Machines
  • Safe Touch Application on Hot EquipmenT
  • Valves, Joints and Other Formerly Difficult To Insulate Areas
  • Other High Temperature Surfaces
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: Hydro-NM-Oxide nanocomposite, 70% by weight
Reason for Inclusion:

"According to Industrial Nanotech, the developer of the thermal insulation, Nansulate coatings incorporate Hydro-NM-Oxide, a nanocomposite documented to have one of the lowest measured thermal conductivity values. When fully cured, Nansulate contains approximately 70 percent Hydro-NM-Oxide and 30 percent acrylic resin and performance additive." -Retrieved 12/8/2020 

See also: "with acrylic epoxy resin and nanotechnology based material for high performance use in industrial and commercial environments." -Retrieved 12/8/2020 

Trade: Boilermakers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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