Nansulate® Solar Insulation Coating
Category: Insulation - Heat/Frost


Nansulate® Solar Insulation Coating is a clear, thin thermal barrier coating that increases the performance of solar thermal systems by reducing heat loss, and thus retaining more of the captured power from the sun to improve overall performance. Nansulate® also prevents corrosion and is resistant to mold and moisture.

Typical Use:

Solar collectors - both flat plate and evacuated tube panels can increase heat retention during daylight and night time phases
Solar water heaters & piping can be coated to reduce heat loss and decrease energy used to maintain water temperature
Heat exchangers - the amount of heat used for heat exchangers can be reduced by 20% or more using Nansulate® Solar Insulation
Steam boilers - effectively insulate steam boilers and lines with no infiltration of moisture into the insulation to cause corrosion

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide once fully cured
Reason for Inclusion:

"Visit our thermal insulation products page to learn about our patented nanocomposite insulation made with Hydro-NM-Oxide, a product of nanotechnology, and documented as the highest quality insulation on the far. Nansulate®, when fully cured, contains approximately 70% Hydro-NM-Oxide and 30% acrylic resin and performance additive."

Trade: Electricians
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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