3001 Concentrate
Category: Coatings - multi-surface

impregnating sealer for concrete and masonry to reduce water absorption, moss and algae and efflorescence on mineral substrates

Typical Use:

Concrete and masonry, Porous natural stone, Render, Bricks, Fibre cement sheets, Pavers, Exposed concrete facades, Concrete drive ways, car parks, bridges, Pre-cast architectural concrete

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: not reported
Reason for Inclusion:

"Nanovations is one of the pioneers in commercializing Nanotechnology and advanced products in Australia." (see About Us portion of website)

"Manufactured with a new patented process, the very consistent and small particle size and the small molecular chain is creating a capillary impregnation without filling the pores and capillary structure." (see product link)

Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

available by request