PING (PURETi Inorganic Nano Glue)
Category: Adhesives

PURETi manufactures an amorphous Titania mineral film former called PING (99.5% water and 0.5% nano particles of Titania). PING functions as an adhesion promoting, surface protecting, basecoat for our photocatalytic topcoats. This same water based amorphous titania mineral film former has also been used as an inorganic adhesive to immobilize a variety of nano particles onto a variety of micro particles and substrates - with great adhesion and minimal agglomeration.

Typical Use:

PURETi is applied to manufactured building materials and fixtures in factories or to the interior or exterior of the built environment. In factories, PURETi is typically applied at the end of the production line via robotically controlled spray, coating or printing methods. In the built environment, PURETi is applied by trained and certified applicators using specialized spray equipment to deposit a super thin film that dries in seconds and cures in hours to form an invisible polymeric like ceramic film that is durably bonded to the treated surface.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: 1% titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles in a 40nm film
Reason for Inclusion:
"PURETi is sold in solution form consisting of 99% water and 1% nano Titanium Oxide (TiO2) encapsulated in water. Cures in 24-36 hours to form a clear, hard, water permeable, inorganic mineral film that is 40nm thin." -Retrieved 8/14/2020 from
Trade: Painters
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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