Category: Coatings - mineral surfaces
Description: Whether porous sandstone or polished marble or granite, NANOSTONE ANTIGRAFFITI will perfectly protect the surface. Structure and type of the substrate demands suitable form of application and product consumption.
Typical Use: NANOSTONE ANTIGRAFFITI products are suitable for all mineral substrates and will effectively and permanently protect your building from: graffiti, spray paints and markers, soil and water stains, posters, gums, tags,micro-organisms like algae or mould, dust and soot repellent, aqueous and oily substances.
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified use of nanotechnology
Reason for Inclusion: use of the word 'nano' in product name, product referred to as a 'nano-coating' (see product link)
Company: NANOBIZ.PL Ltd.
Trade: Brickmasons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS): unable to locate SDS online