SurfaPore C
Category: Coatings - mineral surfaces

SurfaPore C formulation creates a water repelling protection by deeply penetrating into the pores of the substrates, instead of sealing them compared to conventional formulations. Therefore, the substrate is deeply protected and not affected by abrasion or mechanical wear. SurfaPore C modified surfaces last longer comparing to conventional fflm coatings and are more resistant to the "hard" part of solar light (UV radiation) which does not induce the "yellowing" effect.

Typical Use:

Natural and artificial stones, walls, basements, rooftops, render, stucco, tile grout

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified use of nanotechnology
Reason for Inclusion:

"SurfaPore C is a water based, liquid formulation that provides water repellency and protection of a wide range of building surfaces. As its viscosity is similar to water, it deeply penetrates into capilaries that no elastomer or polymer can reach. The nanotechnology based composition assures effectiveness, prolonged lifetime, no change of the original natural appearance and 'breathability' of the modified surface."

Company: NanoPhos
Trade: Painters
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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