NANO SHIELD™ PreFin Cleaner
Category: Surface preparation

The first step to a professional floor-refinishing is Rust-Oleum® Nano Shield™ PreFin Cleaner. This low-odor, high-efficiency formula deep cleans and lightly abrades prefinished and laminate floors to ensure best-possible adhesion of the top coat.

Typical Use:

Nano Shield Prefin Cleaner is intended for use on all wood floors coated with a clear unwaxed finish, including prefinished, laminate and polyurethane finishes. Not for use on waxed, oiled or unfinished wood.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: not reported
Reason for Inclusion:

use of the word 'nano' in product name

Trade: Laborers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

available online (see product link)