Nanonext Glass Care SR
Category: Coatings - glass/ceramic

Nanonext "Glass Care SR" is an alcohol-based system which protects glass and plastic surfaces with outdoor applications against misting.This product exemplifies the beauty of nano technology.

Typical Use:


Apparent use of Nanotechnology: formation of surface film only a few nanometers thick on the substrate
Reason for Inclusion:

Listed under the product category of 'nanostructured sealants'. "First, the applied material produces a thin hydrophilic film on the surface which is only a few nanometers thick. Next, the hydrophilicity of the surface is generated by a photocatalytic process when exposed to natural sunlight. So the coating actually increases the surfaces tension of the glass resulting in the spreading of the water. Naturally, when water spreads over the surface it automatically takes away the dirt resulting in a self cleaning effect." (see product link)

Company: Nanonext
Trade: Glaziers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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