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Hydromx is a specially formulated organic fluid that contains Nano Thermo™ Technology and replaces water and/or glycol currently used in most, if not all, closed-loop hydronic heating, cooling, solar and geothermal systems. Because of its superior heat transfer properties, Hydromx will reduce energy costs between 20% and 35%, when compared to water, and even higher when compared to glycol.

Typical Use:

Hydromx is a specially formulated organic fluid that replaces water currently used in most, if not all, closed-loop hydronic heating systems.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified nanoparticles suspended in fluid, possibly aluminum or copper nanoparticles
Reason for Inclusion:

"Hydromx uses Nano Thermo™ technology to increase heat transfer in the most commonly used heating, cooling and hydronic solar by heating up and transferring energy in a shorter amount of time." (see product link)


"It is the intelligent application of nanofluid technology that will bring about a revolution in the hydronic heating and cooling industry by making the heat transfer fluid behave more like a metal, and while doing so, maintaining the good characteristics of water...


Numerous tests have been conducted in laboratories around the world to assess the heat transfer properties of nanofluids where minute particles of aluminum or copper are suspended in a base fluid...


If a nanofluid can improve the efficiency of a cooling system by conducting the heat away more efficiently, it follows that the same enhanced heat transfer performance can be used to deliver the heat generated in a hot water boiler to the radiators that maintain living and working spaces at a comfortable temperature. Like the laboratory experiments mentioned above, this appears to defy the conventional rules of thermodynamics as it is possible to reduce fuel consumption by 20-35% just by changing the composition of the fluid in the system. The first commercial product to deliver energy savings on this scale is Hydromx. This is a biodegradable product which is mixed 50/50 with the water in an existing heating or cooling system to improve performance and delivers both a rapid and substantial return on investment. Hydromx not only reduces the energy consumed by the system, but its special formula also includes corrosion and frost inhibitors to offer a unique

three-in-one package of benefits.


Hydromx is suitable for any size system, from a small house to a large office building or industrial facility. The same heat transfer properties that produce energy savings in a conventional space heating system also enhance the performance of solar heating systems. This is all due to the special properties of the nanofluid component in Hydromx which makes water perform more like a metal when transferring heat."

Trade: HVAC Mechanics
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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