Dry Lubricant
Category: Lubricants

Can be used anywhere lubrication is needed but dust and dirt trapping oil residues are not.

Typical Use:

Dry Lubricant is useful for conditions when conventional lubricants are inadequate, such as: reciprocating motion, ceramics, high temperature, extreme contact pressures

A typical application includes fasteners which are easily tightened and unscrewed after a long stay at high temperatures.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified solid phase engineered nanomaterials
Reason for Inclusion:

“It’s carriers flash off (evaporate), leaving behind a thin dry film of nanoscale lubricants that work at the Nano level without graphite or silicone.” -Retrieved 12/1/2023 from https://www.nanopromt.com/products/dry-lubricant/

Company: Nano Pro MT
Trade: Operating Engineers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

available online (see product link)