Category: Adhesives

Repair and maintenance applications are an ideal segment for Zyvex to demonstrate the power of nanomaterial engineered products. With a bonding strength stronger than welding, ZNT-fuse™ allows our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products with the confidence that the latest in materials technology is hard at work.

Typical Use:

Used for bonding or filling, ZNT-fuse Paste is ideal for many metals, woods, masonry products, and some plastics and rubbers. ZNT-fuse Paste was also designed to bond Zyvex Technologies’ Arovex® composites.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)
Reason for Inclusion:

"In simple terms, ZNT-fuse is a structural adhesive for carbon fiber and other important bonding or filling applications and materials such as metals and plastics. It provides superior bonding strength through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes in the 2-part epoxy adhesive."

PMN substance 13-0573 (Functionalized and dispersing polymer with carbon nanotubes (P-09-188)) 17-18% listed on ZNT-Fuse Part A Safety Data Sheet (accessed 2/26/2016)

Trade: Laborers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

available online (as of 2/26/2016)