Heat Shield CX
Category: Insulation - Heat/Frost


Heat Shield CX is a ceramic-based insulation coating capable of insulating surfaces between the range of -80ºF (-61ºC) to +350ºF (177ºC) with a guarantee that it will insulate and adhere to the surface to which it is applied.  The thickness of the material is the control factor in determining the level of insulation performance.

Typical Use:


Storage Tanks



Interior/Exterior Thermal Barrier


Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified use of nanotechnology
Reason for Inclusion:

"DryWired is an award-winning Los Angeles based clean tech firm that distributes advanced surface nanotechnologies globally. DryWired’s mission is to harness nanotechnology as a catalyst for change... Founded in 2012 and launched at CES in January 2013 as a start-up offering a single nanocoating solution for protecting mobile phones, DryWired has grown into a global nanotech firm with over 100 complimentary licensed nanocoating technologies... Our customized, non-toxic, nanocoating products are all made in the USA, Europe and Japan."

Company: DryWired, LLC
Trade: Insulators
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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