Treated Lumber
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Freedom Builders owns and operates industrial mobile sawmills, planers and two mobile tree cutting and hauling units and teams. Our staff utilizes brick produced from on-site sustainable materials, to build a mid-size wood fire kiln on the work site. Once all of the equipment is in place and the kiln is operational and tested, our staff stays on the cutting site to identify and tag the hardwoods and softwoods that meet our millig standards. One by one the trees are cut down by hand and brought back to the on-site production site. The fresh cut lumber is then quickly milled and treated with active nano-sized ionic animicrobials to prevent molding and attacks by parasites.

Typical Use:

Freedom Builders utilizes lumber mainly for internal use for structural, ornate and furniture use. Freedom Builders also supplies rough cut lumber to lumber distributors outside the US via our foreign distribution offices. Minimum orders are 42,000 board feet or 100 Cubic Meters per order.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nano-sized colloidal silver
Reason for Inclusion:

"Freedom Builders operates Freedom Labs in cooperation with the Georgia Institute of Technologies laser and Nano-Technology labs to produce a form of ionic silver for the treatment of bacteria and mold. Nano sized, industrial collodial silver contains only silver and highly purified water. There are no other chemicals used in the treatment of the lumber. This allows Freedom Builders to produce a 100% natural product with no foreign agents that can later cause harm to humans through structural or crafted applications of the lumber."

Company: Freedom Builders
Trade: Carpenters
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online