Category: Coatings - glass/ceramic

MetaShield is a breakthrough silica-based coating that combines the transparency and durability of glass with the flexibility and versatility normally associated with polymers.  This technology is ideal for enhancing the break resistance properties of transparent substrates such as smart device screens, windows, protection gear, etc.

Typical Use:

Ideal for smart device cover glass, windows, eye protection, etc.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: unspecified use of nanotechnology
Reason for Inclusion:

"U.S.-based MetaShield has created a silica-based coating that employs leading-edge nanotech principles to provide toughness and durability to a variety of substrates. Its 1 micron thick MetaShield coating meaningfully increases the mechanical strength of ordinary glass without adding size, weight or visible distortion." - Online article published in R&D Magazine on 2/23/17 by Martin Ben-Dayan and William Bickmore, MetaShield (also available under Related Information section below)

Company: MetaShield LLC
Trade: Glaziers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online

Related Information:

Rise of Silica: Nanotechnology Innovation Creates Opportunity for Novel Product Development - Article by Martin Ben-Dayan and William Bickmore, MetaShield, published on on 2/23/2017