UHPC Ultra High Performance Custom Cements
Category: Cement-based
Vicon will design custom mixtures for exact specification parameters using diverse cement types, the correct fibers, in the correct dosages and precision casting methods to control water and air permeability as well as ductility and fracture energy.
Compared to advanced infrastructure steel/concrete solutions, used in the past 20 years and still within some current specifications; Vicon custom UHPC Cements provide: 
  • A 35% saving in raw materials
  • A 46% saving in primary energy
  • A 53% saving in CO2 emissions
Typical Use:

custom concrete applications

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: proprietary cement formulations using nano-sized additives
Reason for Inclusion:
"VICON product offering includes proprietary material formulations (e.g. 'recipes' for concrete and similar materials)..." - Accessed on 8/2/17 from https://www.viconecosystems.com/
A section of the Vicon website explains Nano Engineering of Concrete.
"Vicon’s technologies include revolutionary nano-cement additives which upgrade and significantly strengthen all cement-related products, radically extending the service life of cement on highways, bridges, runways and infrastructure construction by 2.5 times and higher. Vicon Cement additives improve the test strengths on batch concrete at every level. Vicon is patenting industry breakthrough marine cements for coral reef repair, and has developed eco sealants which clean both the air surrounding and surface structures they are applied to. Our line includes eco cement binders, self-healing materials and nano-cements which can control electrical conductivity." - Accessed on 8/2/17 from https://www.viconecosystems.com/vicon-licensee
Company: Vicon
Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online