Infusion® Acetone Dye Stain
Category: Coatings - mineral surfaces

H&C® INFUSION® ACETONE DYE STAINS let you achieve a layered, faux or single color look in a lot less time than acid stains. Etching is required prior to application to open pores of the concrete. When layering stain, apply lighter colors first. Water-based or solvent-based sealers can be applied as topcoats.

Typical Use:

Recommended uses: retail stores and malls, interior floors, garage floors

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nano pigments
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FAQ: Acetone Dye Stains

"Why does Acetone Dye Stain work better on smoother concrete surfaces in contrast to acid or water based stains?
A: The acid stain process is a chemical reaction that reacts with concrete. If the surface of the concrete is to slick and the pours are closed sometimes the acid stain reaction is weakened. B: Dyes are nano pigments and non reactive therefore on a smoother surface the dye will have no problem penetrating even smooth concrete surfaces. This is the reason Dye and not water-based stains are used in polished concrete. The dye will penetrate better than water-based stains. C: Water-based stains are using pigments that are larger than the dye pigments to achieve color. (Surface color)" - Accessed on 9/14/17 from
Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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