Globic (6000, 8000, 9000)
Category: Coatings - metal
A high solids chemically hydrolysing SPC antifouling based on Nano Acrylate Technology. Globic 6000 and Globic 8000 offer low friction, self-smoothening, and a best-in class instant activation of polishing and performance for optimal performance from day one. The patented microfibers give best-in-class mechanical strength to avoid cracking and peeling.
Globic 9000 is a premium antifouling coating that delivers an outstanding return on investment over extended docking intervals of up to 90 months in aggressive waters. Also, it is a premium high solids chemically hydrolysing SPC antifouling based on Nano acrylate Technology.
Typical Use:

For both new buildings and maintenance of underwater hull and boottop for up to 60 months drydocking interval (Globic 6000) or up to 90 months drydocking interval (Globic 8000/9000)

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nano acrylate technology using nano capsules
Reason for Inclusion:

"Our specially designed water-activated nano acrylate technology uses nano capsules to control polishing. When seawater comes into contact with the nano capsules, it penetrates the hydrophobic outer shell. The hydrophilic inner core chemically hydrolyses and then expands which breaks through the outer shell, enabling controlled polishing. Consistent self-polishing and a constantly thin leach layer ensure uniform biocide release over the entire docking interval. Unlike other premium antifouling technologies, nano acrylate technology provides immediate antifouling protection without the need for water friction." - Retrieved on 10/16/17 from

Company: Hempel
Trade: Laborers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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