Category: Glass and solar panels

We have invented the Nanopanel™, a lightweight, stronger than steel yet flexible Solar Panel that is more than three times more efficient than traditional solar. By employing layered Graphene sheets substructure with a Carbon Nanotube Forest on top and a mineral solution, the Nanotube Forest  moves electrons  faster than Silicon, and moves and stores them into the Graphene substructure.

Typical Use:

energy for homes and municipalities

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: carbon nanotubes and graphene
Reason for Inclusion:

"At Nanotech Engineering Inc. we are developing Solar Panels the size of a FedEx Envelope. By layering sheets of Graphene as a substructure, we put a Carbon Nanotube Forest over the top, with our proprietary mineral solution. As the Sun’s rays hit the array, electrons are generated through the forest much faster than Silicon. Clearly in less than ideal weather this number drops, however the Panels are still more efficient than traditional solar panels in cloudy weather, remember photons still move through clouds, so that we will see panels in places previously unthinkable in the past." - retrieved on 4/10/18 from

Trade: Electricians
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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