Cerium Oxide Aqueous dispersion for Glass polishing
Category: Pre-market additives

Cerium Oxide Aqueous dispersion for Glass polishing

Typical Use:

Formulated for use in automotive and other catalyst production, as a zirconium stabilizer in ceramic applications, and in glass polishing and coating applications.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: cerium oxide nanoparticles
Reason for Inclusion:

"Cerium oxide (10-20 nm), 20% in H2O, colloidal dispersion (with acetate)

CeO2: 20wt%, APS: 10-20 nm

CeO2 mol/mol 0.4 acetate, 

pH 3.0" - Retrieved on 11/15/18 from https://www.mknano.com/Nanotechnology-Applications/Ready-to-use-liquid-additives/Glass-Polishing-additives/Cerium-Oxide-Aqueous-dispersion-for-Glass-polishing


Company: MKnano
Trade: Glaziers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online