Category: Soil stabilizers

Dust dispersion poses a number of problems be it the visibility issues, health problems or deterioration of the quality of roads. We offer an innovative and cost effective solution for this problem, in the form of dust control spray for roads regardless of the type of the surface. Our technology, Zycobond is very effective in soil erosion control by creating a hard, dust free surface. Zycobond is a highly stable, cationic nano acrylic binder having bond strength of 34 KN and is extremely water-resistant.

Typical Use:

dust control and erosion resistance for unpaved roads and shoulders, dirt roads, gravel roads, open public grounds, parking lots, etc.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nano acrylic co-polymer
Reason for Inclusion:
"ZycoBond, a UV and heat stable reactive bonder, is a nano Acrylic Co-polymer dispersion in water."
"Particle size < 90 nm"
- Information retrieved from http://zydexindustries.com/services/road/dust-control on 1/8/19 (see product literature PDF download)
Company: Zydex Industries
Trade: Laborers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online