PCI Nanosilent®
Category: Cement-based

PRODUCT DISCONTINUED. Self-levelling isolating compound for impact sound reducing levelling.

Typical Use:

PCI Nanosilent helps reduce the impact sound and isolate the substrate in one application. For all substrates able to bear weight, e.g. concrete and cement screeds, gypsum-based screeds, anhydrite screeds, heated screeds, tightly screwed timber chipboards, solid timber floorboards, firmly adhering parquet etc.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: modification of the formation nano structures within the cement matrix, the company states that it does not use nanoparticles in their products
Reason for Inclusion:

Use of the word 'nano' in the product name. "By examining the crystal structures of cement hardening from the very first minute the formation of Nano structures within the cement matrix can be observed and effected... PCI Augsburg GmbH does not use Nano particles in any of its products." -Retrieved 9/23/14

Trade: Laborers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online