Edge Functionalized Graphene
Category: Pre-market additives

Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG) maximizes performance of host materials and is only available from Garmor. With just a small amount, our clients have created new and/or improved materials with previously unheard of levels of enhanced physical properties.


Typical Use:

Use in Cement: Only Garmor’s Graphene Oxide improves strength of cement by 40-50% with commercially viable scale and pricing.


Apparent use of Nanotechnology: graphene
Reason for Inclusion:

"Garmor Edge Functionalized Graphene (EFG) is easily grafted to monomers and polymers without compromising any of the properties which fulfill graphene’s potential." -Retrieved 1/29/2021 from https://garmortech.com/

Company: Garmor
Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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