Iron Oxide Nanoparticles/Nanopowder
Category: Pre-market additives

Fe2O3 nanopowders are red or reddish-brown and composed of particles between 20 and 40nm, available in alpha and gamma variations.

Typical Use:
  • Coatings: The unique blend of traits inherent to the different iron oxide nanopowders make them ideal as ingredients in certain coatings, such as magnetic coatings and coatings designed to absorb EM-waves.
  • Purification: Iron oxide nanoparticles have a variety of purification-related applications, particularly in biological and waste water contexts.
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: Iron oxide (Fe2O3) nanoparticles (20-40nm)
Trade: Painters
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

available online (see '3310DX  Iron Oxide Nanoparticles/Nanopowder MSDS for Download')