Tungsten Nanoparticles/Nanopowder
Category: Pre-market additives

A fine black powder composed of tungsten particles ranging from 40 to 100 nm in diameter, tungsten nanopowder works as a material in an array of applications including microelectronics, metalworking, chemical coatings, and more. 

Typical Use:
  • Coatings. Coatings produced using tungsten nanoparticles offer a variety of benefits unique to the material. Electrochromic coatings, metal ceramic coatings, specialized coatings for optic applications, and other applications all benefit from the use of tungsten nanoparticles. 
  • Sintering additives. Tungsten nanoparticles have shown exceptional potential as a sintering additive, with research indicating nanopowder will make traditionally difficult metallurgic processes much easier through proper application.
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: tungsten nanoparticles
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"Tungsten Nanoparticles/Nanopowder ( W, 99.7% 40-60 nm)" -Retrieved 6/11/2021 from https://www.ssnano.com/inc/sdetail/tungsten_nanoparticles_nanopowder___w__99_7__40_60_nm_/278

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