Line of Adhesion Promotion Coatings
Category: Coatings - multi-surface

Our patented adhesion promotion nano-coatings & treatments improve performance of virtually any product requiring robust bonding which is resistant to delamination in the most extreme of conditions. 

Typical Use:

For use on metals, polymers, ceramics, and glass.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nanoscale phosphonate monolayer
Reason for Inclusion:

"Aculon’s® core coating technology on which our adhesion promotion technologies are based around is the SAMP or "Self Assembled Monolayer of Phosphonates" -Retrieved 7/9/2021 from 

"Aculon’s proprietary “Self-Assembled Monolayer of Phosphonates” (SAMP) methodology can coat surfaces to impart hydrophobicity, adhesion or corrosion inhibition. A monolayer is a nanoscale coating that is one molecule, or 1-4 nanometers, thick (1nm = 1×10-9 meters). A phosphonate is a phosphorous acid that combines a reactive phosphonic acid or “reactive head group” and a carbon-based tail group connected through a stable phosphorous carbon bond (P-C)." -Retrieved 7/9/2021 from

Company: Aculon Inc.
Trade: Painters
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

unable to locate SDS online