NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation
Category: Insulation - Heat/Frost

Because of its unique pore structure, NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation can provide thermal performance unequalled by conventional insulation materials. In the form of a vacuum insulation panel (VIP), NanoPore™ Thermal Insulation can have thermal resistance values as high as R40/inch - 7-8x greater than conventional foam insulation materials.

Typical Use:

NanoPore™ Insulation may be used over a wide temperature range from below cryogenic (<-196 °C) to high temperatures (>800 °C). Applicable for consumer and industrial appliances, cryogenics, energy, and industrial process tubing including oil pipelines and hot/cold water piping.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nanopores
Reason for Inclusion:

“Its chemical composition is silica, titania and/or carbon in a 3-D, highly branched network of primary particles (2-20 nm) which aggregate into larger (nm to mm) particles. The material has pore sizes ranging from 10-100 nm. It is this nano-scale porosity that gives NanoPore™ its excellent thermal performance.” -Retrieved 7/6/2022 from

Trade: Insulators
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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