CarbonEra™ Graphene Blends
Category: Additives for concrete/cement

CarbonEra™ Graphene Blend infused in concrete is currently achieving 50% increase in compression strength and is curing 3.2 times faster. Formulations are expanding to improve flexural strength; improve heat dispersion to lessen Heat Island effects; and add electrical conductivity to allow for de-icing. 

Typical Use:

Concrete and asphalt road surfaces, driveways, walkways, patio decks, precast brick, slabs, etc.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: graphene
Reason for Inclusion:

“multi-layer graphene amendments” -Retrieved 7/15/2022 from

Company: Nova Graphene™
Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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