Airloy® HT
Category: Insulation - Heat/Frost

A superinsulating, dust-free, high-temperature, flexible aerogel material that handles like foam.

Typical Use:
  • Pipe, hose, and equipment insulation
  • Thermal breaks for studs and I-beams
  • 25.853-compliant interior furnishings
  • Fire-proof barriers for electric vehicle battery packs
  • Vibroacoustic insulation
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nanoporous polyimide aerogel/melamine foam composite
Reason for Inclusion:

“Airloy Ultramaterials are monolithic, dust-free, nanoporous materials that are homogeneous on the micro and macro scale.” -Retrieved 4/10/2023 from 

“Composition: polyimide aerogel/melamine foam composite.” -Retrieved 4/10/2023 from

Trade: Insulators
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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