Acryliseal 3501
Category: Coatings - mineral surfaces

AcryliSeal 3501 is a clear water based acrylic sealer that “laminates” concrete by providing a protective barrier against UV rays, oxidation, water, oils, and chemicals.

Typical Use:
  • Patterned/Stamped Concrete 
  • Decorative Polymer Concretes
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Lightweight Concrete Block 
  • Architectural Concrete
  • Common and Face Brick
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nano-polymer acrylic resin
Reason for Inclusion:

“A high performance Water-Based Nano-Polymer Acrylic Sealer” -Retrieved 9/11/2023 from

“This coating is created with a new generation of NanoPolymer resin technology that creates a waterbased product that will outperform comparable solvent-based products.” -Retrieved 9/11/2023 from

Trade: Concrete/Cement Masons
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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