Nanonext Nano Chrome & Stainless Steel Sealant
Category: Coatings - metal


With 'Nanonext Nano Chrome & Stainless Steel Sealant' protects surfaces from grease and bacteria. It can be applied on extractor fans, kitchen sinks, indoor and outdoor handrails, high quality V2A furniture etc. The invisible sealant provides a long lasting protection.

Typical Use:

Nanonext Nano Chrome & Stainless Steel Sealant' is suitable for all untreated sorts of stainless steel, for example stainless steel fronts, handrails, covers, panels, door handles etc. It is also recommended for restaurants or kitchens, bars made of stainless steel or copper and panels in sanitary buildings.

Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nanostructured
Reason for Inclusion:

"Listed under the product category of 'nanostructured sealants.'" -Retrieved 9/24/2014

Company: Nanonext
Trade: Sheet Metal Workers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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