Category: Coatings - metal

ClearCorrUV SDN nanocomposite coating has been developed to provide direct to metal barrier coating for anticorrosion applications. ClearCorrUV can be used in conjunction with conversion coatings, when required, to provide superior corrosion protection.

Typical Use:
Served Industries include:
  • Coil - aluminum, EGS, HDG pre-painted metal for construction, roofing
  • Consumer Goods - tub and pool piping, bathroom appliances, decorations
  • Oil and Gas - pipes, tubular and pipeline connectors, valves, actuators and other equipment subject to galling, erosion, corrosion or fouling
Apparent use of Nanotechnology: nanocomposite material
Reason for Inclusion:
The product is described as a "solution derived nanocomposite."  
"To address industrial trends and environmental needs, Advenira has developed a range of unique liquid-based nanoengineered SDN coating materials: AdvenGuard, ClearCorrUV and ClearCorr." - Retrieved on 3/6/18 from
Trade: Sheet Metal Workers
Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

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